• 18:00: Doors open.
  • 18:45: Audience poll and opening remarks.
  • 19:00: Debate.
  • 19.45: Closing remarks.
  • 20:00: Q&A, final vote and discussion.
  • 20.30: Drinks.

Join us for a night of lively debate, discussion and drinks.

In light of the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook debacle, Fractal Labs and Deloitte will be hosting a debate focussing on the moralities of open data.

In the 1920s alcohol prohibition was in full swing, what started as a ‘noble experiment’ to solve social issues turned into a humiliating point of history for the American government. It didn’t work - many defied the enforced laws and attended speakeasies all over the US until the law was repealed in 1933.

There are many initiatives that we could ‘experiment’ with today to help solve moral and social issues, one of which has been heavily discussed - prohibiting privacy, which would allow free access to everyone's data. 

As a data company and a champion of AI, we frequently talk about the potential of an open data society. That's why we believe that it's necessary to have an honest debate on the topic of open data.



Bindi Karia: Moderator

Bindi is incredibly passionate about all things startup in Europe and connecting the dots between Investors, Founders, Corporates and Government.

Karima -1

Karima Noren: Speaker

Co-Founder at The Privacy Compliance Hub and The Legal Pod. 


Sherif Elsayed-Ali: Speaker

Director of Global Issues and Research at Amnesty International.


Jat Singh: Speaker

Tech compliance at Cambridge University.

Karina Vold

Karina Vold: Speaker

Postdoctoral Researcher, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.


Eloise Taysom: Speaker

Product Manager at Government Digital Service


Peter Wells: Speaker

Head of Policy at the Open Data Institute (ODI).